DriverSync's Benefit Model is built to demonstrate the "true" cost of driver turnover, and the financial Benefit of improving retention by utilizing DriverSync's propriety driver engagement platform. Plug in the number of drivers in your fleet, and current turnover rate to get your companies Benefit Analysis.

DriverSync Benefit Model
Drivers in Fleet
Driver Turnover %
Driver Recruiting Costs ($)
Monthly Empty Truck Payment ($)
Weekly Empty Truck Lost Revenue($)
DriverSync Monthly Cost/Driver($)
Retention Benefit Current 2% 4% 6% 8% 10%
Yearly Driver Loss
Average Weekly Driver Loss
Annualized Lost Revenue ($)
Annualized Empty Truck Payments ($)
Annualized Recruiting Cost ($)
Annualized DriverSync Cost ($)
Monthly Savings ($)
Annualized Savings ($)
  • Model is designed to demonstrate the potential for improving operating ratio through reduced turnover.
  • Assumptions are industry standards and may vary by fleet.
  • Actual savings may vary by fleet.

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